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The Mojo offers ease of use in a small size, producing excellent print quality that will enhance creativity right in your office.

To view information about Stratasys FDM Legacy platforms (no longer manufactured), click here.


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      • Polishing with FDM Printers

      • Side Panels Replacement - Mojo

      • Top Cover Replacement - Mojo

      • Replacing Quick Packs - Mojo

      • Bellows Replacement - Mojo

      • Feet Replacement - Mojo

      • Filament Sensors Replacement - Mojo

      • Finishing Touch Smoothing Station - Installation

      • Finishing Touch Smoothing Station - Operation

      • Tip Wipe Assembly Replacement - Mojo

      • Chamber Heater Cover Replacement - Mojo

      • Door Cover Latch Assembly Replacement - Mojo

      • Print Head Socket Lid Replacement - Mojo

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