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The Stratasys J55 3D printer is a fast, ultra-quiet, office-friendly printer. It is Pantone-validated and offers a wide range of PolyJet materials and full color capabilities.

With PolyJet technology and the new rotating build tray, you can achieve outstanding model quality and surface finish right off the tray. J55 will simplify the entire design process, streamline the workflow, and increase your productivity at every step. 


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      • J55 Deep Dive - Stratasys PolyJet What’s Changed

      • J55 Installation Step 3 - Material Cabinet Connection

      • J55 Installation Step 2 - Print Tray Installation

      • J55 Installation Step 4 - Exhaust Outlet Connection

      • Advanced Head Optimization - J55 Operation

      • Material Cartridges Initial Loading - J55 Operation

      • Printed Samples Inspection - J55 Operation

      • Printer Restart - J55 Operation

      • Print Head Material Level Calibration - J55 Operation

      • Calibrating Print-Head Accuracy - J55 Operation

      • J55 Virtual Launch

      • J55 Rotation Technology (English Subtitles)

      • Pantone Introduction

      • Fabric CMF Appearance Simulation Training

      • J55 Installation Step 5 - Material And Printer Cabinets Leveling

      • Printer Vacuum Calibration - J55 Operation

      • Weight Sensor Calibration - J55 Operation

      • J55 Overview (French Subtitles)

      • Printing Accuracy Validation - J55 Operation

      • J55 Overview (Italian Subtitles)

      • J55 Overview (English Subtitles)

      • J55 Overview (Spanish Subtitles)

      • J55 Overview (German Subtitles)

      • J55 Possibilities (English Subtitles) (30s)

      • J55 Shared Office (English Subtitles) (30s)

      • J55 Packaging Ear Buds

      • J55 Short Overview - Stratasys PolyJet What’s Changed

      • Replacing Roller Waste Collector - J55 Operation

      • Replacing Waste Container - J55 Operation

      • Gluing Parts - PolyJet Printers

      • Coating Parts - PolyJet Printers

      • Polishing Coated Parts - PolyJet Printers

      • Print Head Replacement - J55 Operation

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