Objet 350/500 Connex 1-2-3

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The Objet350/500 Connex 1-2-3 provides increased product realism for your prototyping needs. The Objet350/500 Connex 1-2-3 has a broad spectrum of material properties from strong Digital ABS to flexible rubber. With the ability to print diverse materials in a single part there is no assembly required and your models will be presentation ready directly from the printer with little to no post-processing.

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      • Coating Parts - PolyJet Printers

      • Gluing Parts - PolyJet Printers

      • Polishing Coated Parts - PolyJet Printers

      • Roller waste collector replacement (including roller blade) - Connex

      • Exhaust Check - Connex

      • System Shutdown - Connex

      • Print Head Cleaning - Connex

      • Pattern Test - Connex

      • Lamp Cleaning - Connex (English Subtitles)

      • Load Cells Calibration - Connex

      • Glass Cover Cleaning - Connex

      • Print Head Alignment - Connex

      • Waste Collector Replacement (Complete) - Connex

      • Build Tray Cleaning - Connex

      • Waste Container Replacement - Connex

      • Z-Axis Shaft Cleaning - Connex

      • Wiper Cleaning and Inspection - Connex

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