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Color Varies from Design Intent

Sometimes, the color of the certain surfaces is not consistent or may seem duller than expected, even though the surfaces were printed with the same color. In the example below, the yellow shells were printed with the same yellow color, but with varying shell thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm. In addition, these shells were printed on black. All these affected the color appearance negatively.




Possible Causes and Solutions

Shell/Surface Thickness or a Dark Background 

When the shell thickness is too thin, the background color underneath might be visible and affect the color.

Solution: Adjust shell thickness. To maintain a consistent opaque color, surface thickness should be at least 2 mm. This is especially important when printing overlapping areas.

Preventive measures: Same as above.


Overlapping Areas in Colored Parts

Overlapping colors cannot be controlled, and result in unpredictable color appearance, especially when using adjacent light and dark colors.

Solution: Remove overlap, and maintain surface and shell thickness of at least 2 mm

Preventive measures: Same as above.

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