PolyJet Part Quality Troubleshooting Guide

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Sometimes, there are visible lines on a model’s surface.




Possible Causes and Solutions

Loose Build Tray 

If the fasteners for the build tray brackets loosen, it can lead to compromised build tray movement and, subsequently, lead to poor quality in side walls. You can easily test this by rocking the tray back and forth. If there is movement, you will probably need to secure the brackets.

Solution: Contact your Stratasys service provider.

Preventive measures: None.


Damaged Data Cable

The cable that transfers data to the print head could be damaged and cause incomplete instructions to be sent.  This typically only appears in the X (left – right) direction, but it could manifest in both X and Y directions.

Solution: Contact your Stratasys service provider.  Sometimes a temporary workaround can be implemented using a spare Ethernet cable (depending on the printer).

Preventive measures: None.

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