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See your designs come to life with the Dimension Family 3D Printers.

They turn 3D CAD files into functional, durable 3D models that you can not only discuss but test.

The large build capacity of the Dimension 3D Printers gives you the room to print models at the size you need.

And they’re simple to operate: Just click “Print” to prep the CAD file and print the model,
then remove the support material to reveal your design in three dimensions.

To view information about Stratasys FDM Legacy platforms (no longer manufactured), click here.

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      • Chamber Door Replacement - Mojo

      • Finishing Touch Smoothing Station - Installation

      • Power Up - Dimension Elite

      • Jam Clearance - Dimension Elite (English Subtitles)

      • XY Table Leveling - Dimension Elite

      • Material Loading - Dimension Elite

      • Panels Installation - Dimension Elite (English Subtitles)

      • Panels Removal - Dimension Elite (English Subtitles)

      • Print Head Alignment - Dimension 1200

      • Toggle Bar Replacement - Dimension 1200es

      • Print Head Replacement - Dimension 1200

      • Toggle Sensor Replacement - Dimension 1200es

      • Print Head Installation - Dimension Elite

      • Print Head Removal - Dimension Elite

      • Toggle Bar Replacement - Dimension 1200

      • Toggle Sensor Replacement - Dimension 1200es

      • Power Down - Dimension Elite

      • Front Cover Replacement - Mojo

      • Purge Buckets Replacement - Mojo

      • TC Amp Removal - Dimension Elite

      • TC Amp Installation - Dimension Elite

      • XY Belts Tension - Dimension Elite

      • Material Unloading - Dimension Elite (English Subtitles)

      • XY Table Removal - Dimension Elite

      • JA-100 Air Compressor - Installation (EN Subs)

      • Finishing Touch Smoothing Station - Operation

      • Bonding with Epoxy for FDM Printers

      • Bonding with Hot Air and Solvent for FDM Printers

      • Painting with FDM Printers (English Subtitles)

      • Polishing with FDM Printers

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