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The Connex260 3D printer lets you rethink what’s possible on tight development budgets and timelines.  This triple-jet 3D printer ideally meets the needs of basic prototyping when accuracy and ability to do complex designs is important.

This 3D printer can combine up to three base resins within a single print, and combine mixed parts on a single tray. The Connex260 allows users to simulate overmolding, generate multi-material tools and models, or produce trays of assorted parts – all for immediate use without assembly.

To view information about Stratasys PolyJet Legacy platforms (no longer manufactured), click here.

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      • System Shutdown - Connex

      • Waste Container Replacement - Connex

      • Wiper Cleaning and Inspection - Connex

      • Z-Axis Shaft Cleaning - Connex

      • Load Cells Calibration - Connex

      • Pattern Test - Connex

      • Print Head Cleaning - Connex

      • Block Rotation - PolyJet Printers

      • Lamp Cleaning - Connex (English Subtitles)

      • Build Tray Cleaning - Connex

      • Waste Collector Replacement (Complete) - Connex

      • Print Head Alignment - Connex

      • Glass Cover Cleaning - Connex

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