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Based on Objet’s innovative PolyJet™ technology, Eden350 provides an easy to use, fast and clean solution for the precise building of any geometry. This drastically shortens product development cycles and significantly decreases time to market for new products. Models produced on the Eden350 have smooth and durable surfaces, with exceptionally fine details and an outstanding surface finish. 

To view information about Stratasys PolyJet Legacy platforms (no longer manufactured), click here.

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      • Exhaust Check - Eden

      • PJ Scanner Calibration - PolyJet Printers

      • Y-Tail Calibration - PolyJet Printers

      • Block Rotation - PolyJet Printers

      • Glass Cover Cleaning - Eden

      • Build Tray Cleaning - Eden

      • Print Head Alignment - Eden

      • Load Cell Calibration - Eden

      • System Shutdown - Eden

      • UV Lamp Cleaning - Eden

      • Roller Waste Collector Replacement - Eden

      • Wiper Cleaning and Inspection - Eden

      • Waste Container Replacement - Eden

      • Print Head Cleaning - Eden

      • Pattern Test - Eden

      • Print Head Replacement - Eden

      • Eden - 7 Cool Things to Try

      • Print Head Replacement - Connex

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